Bar Soap

We've now perfected our flagship product: a premium goats milk glycerin soap base, with natural coconut exfoliators blended in, that’s lightly scented with essential and fragrant oils to give a lush soap that’s also incredibly refreshing. 

Physical design...

Square, pretty enough to eat, but not cheese! Our soap is cut as a square at 2.5 inches on two sides, allowing you to get a good grip all the way around the bar so you don't drop the soap, it also means you always pick it up holding it the right way.  No turning around in your hand and dropping it. Built like a sanding block, you can apply good body mechanics to the soap's exfoliating action as you buff your skin and scrub your body.


We are sourcing from local suppliers to lower our carbon footprint, and we are using only the safest, ecologically sustainable ingredients.

Our glycerine is certified kosher and made only from vegetable sources.

We use purified water, goats milk, aloe vera gel and honey to smooth and hydrate your skin and raw coconut shavings to exfoliate old skin cells and scrub dirt and grime away. You're going to love this soap!

Thank you for choosing us.

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